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Here's your chance to have a say: discuss what's working and what might work better for PolicyIgnite! using a digital engagement tool called

For almost 10 years, Policy Ignite has combined fast-paced presentations with innovative policy ideas.

What is Policy Ignite?

Policy Ignite is a grassroots event for federal public servants and other policy stakeholders to showcase bright ideas in policy development and to network. In keeping with our tag line “enlighten us, but make it quick!”, Ignite events are comprised of a series of 20-slide PowerPoint presentation, set to auto-advance every 15 seconds on a range of topics.

Issue: Improving Policy Ignite


We're looking for your insights around three simple, concise questions:

  •           Does Policy Ignite contribute to the sharing of bright policy ideas in a meaningful way?
  •           Does Policy Ignite support the development of a stronger policy community?
  •           Is Policy Ignite a safe space to share bold ideas?


DISCLAIMER: Policy Ignite will be using this data to inform future events. The data will be held by the Ignite organizing community and the organizing team, and shared at a high level with participants.

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