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Policy Ignite! Call for Pitches on Bureaucracy Hacking: Sparking Innovation and Driving Digital Change in Government

Do you have an idea to improve government? Pitch it! Call closes April 7th

Do you have an idea to improve government – to simplify processes, eliminate obsolete technology, automate data entry, or just generally change how we work…

… and how would you do it?

For our May 6, 2019 event, held in partnership with the Institute on Governance’s Future Forum event we are exploring “bureaucracy hacking” - the big and small changes that can result in significant innovations that help spark positive innovation and change in digital government.

We want to hear your creative – and implementable – ideas for new policy solutions, processes and technologies to accelerate the digital transformation of government. We’d also love to hear your stories of how you saw a creative policy idea through to a successful implementation, exploring how bureaucracy hacking can be done in practise. Finally, we want to learn from failures - exploring what you learned from a time when you tried to hack the bureaucracy and it didn’t quite work.

And who knows? You may just find your ideas’ next partner in the audience… We will pair each pitch of an idea with a mentor who will advise them on bureaucracy hacking, help them explore opportunities, and support to develop a business plan.

Your submission should include:

  • Your pitch title / headline

  • The Pitch: In max 200 words, sell us your bright idea – how would or did you innovate to improve government?

  • Implementation: in 100 words, share how you would or did implement your idea? What might be key to success? Who would be some of the key actors who would need to be involved? What are some of the road blocks you could or did encounter?

  • Learning: What did you learn? What would you love to ask an experienced bureaucracy hacker / mentor? From getting the right people on board, to fostering culture change, to taking advantage of resources, what lessons could or did you learn and would want to share.
  • Team Member(s) and contact information (email, twitter, phone)

Interested presenters should submit a proposal or a deck already in Ignite! Format (in your official language of choice). Send your proposal to by 11:59pm Eastern-time on April 7, 2019. Proposals are welcomed from across the country, however travel support is not available for presenters outside the National Capital Region at this time.

Selection Criteria

Pitches will be selected by the PolicyIgnite! Team and our team of guest mentors on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The sell: how well the policy problem / opportunity is defined and framed (including referencing other / similar initiatives)
  • The impact: big or small, make it clear why this is the issue that should be or was tackled tackled
  • Creativity: how creative is this approach, and has this been done before
  • Implementation: how well could this be implemented?
  • Hacking secret sauce: what insights are you sharing that could help you or other bureaucracy hackers find success?
  • Overall quality of the proposal and strength of the argument: we’re looking for a wow factor that still takes reality into account!

Expectations for Selected Proposals and Speakers

In keeping with the tag line “enlighten us, but make it quick!", the Ignite presentation format consists of 20 PowerPoint slides set to auto-advance every 15 seconds. That means each presentation lasts exactly 5 minutes. Examples of Ignite talks can be found at the Policy Seed Bank (internal to GC) and at the Ignite Show. Selected proposals will be expected to participate in the Speaker Preparation process, which requires advanced preparation, including 2 dry runs.

About Policy Ignite

Policy Ignite is a grassroots event organized by volunteer federal public servants to showcase bright ideas in public policy development and implementation. For more information, visit our presence on GCpedia (internal to GC) or on Facebook.

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